Talent concept: only is the move, both ability and political integrity, people do their best

We advocate in the competition in knowledge, only identified and talented, the ability to dig out the talent, used in the appropriate positions, become a useful dragon only. We want everyone to be Maxima, but we are against personal heroism. In the light of the dragon, only both ability and political integrity, is the real talent. We advocate to Germany for the first, the German standard is the concept of light dragon system.

We encourage innovation and personality to play, but no action can go beyond the bottom line of the new Ryder culture core. We believe that talent is not necessarily talented and elite, can play in the ordinary position of professional standards, to make a performance, to play its due role, that he is the talent needed to light Long. Guanglong need a variety of talents, Guanglong to provide a large stage for a variety of talented people in the appropriate positions to enjoy the show.

Reliable quality is done by reliable people

Competition in today's enterprises has undergone fundamental changes, from the shortage of economy to the relative surplus economy, enterprise competition has also been from the "marketing competition, quality competition" to the "marketing competition, brand competition and cultural competition". Good quality has been a matter of course, the quality of life is not a business slogan, the quality of the brand is also an essential element.

Guanglong has always been to win the quality, quality is still the future of light in the competition in an invincible magic weapon. And reliable quality is reliable to make people, which requires Guanglong management, research and development of technical staff and first-line production workers should keep the brand in mind, the light of things as their own things, in the work of excellence , Meticulous, to ensure the quality of products and work.