Installation of photovoltaic system eight major benefits



Through the direct price concessions, get a certain economic benefits.


The power generation capacity of the power station will not be reflected in the energy consumption assessment, that is, to improve the consumption assessment score, the benefit of the evaluation of the benefits of mu, can solve most of the energy-saving emission reduction targets.


The government every year on the enterprises have energy-saving emission reduction targets, the installation of photovoltaic power plants on the owners of the annual energy saving indicators have a significant help.


The roof has a PV professional responsible for the management and maintenance, to avoid the roof is not clean up caused by pipeline congestion and other similar problems caused by leakage.


After the installation of photovoltaic panels, the roof of the effective insulation, reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning.


In the implementation of orderly electricity, unrestricted; power station capacity up to 80% of the transformer capacity, can effectively alleviate the transformer load, improve production efficiency.


Green energy, green production, win customer trust, increase customer satisfaction with the enterprise, especially from the increase in orders from abroad have a certain role.


In response to the national energy-saving emission reduction call to do the courage to assume social responsibility of enterprises, but also the future generations of green mountains and green water