Distrbuted photovoltaic power station construction related technical data

1. Installation capacity: 12000 ㎡ ≈ 1MWp

2. Annual power generation: 1MWp ≈ 110 million / year

3. Standard coal savings: 1MWp ≈ 425 tons / year

4. 1MWp Reduction of emissions: CO2 ≈ 1100 tons / year, SO2 ≈ 33 tons / year, nitrogen oxides ≈ 16.5 tons / year

5. Grid form: spontaneous use, extra power Internet, full Internet access

6. User high voltage distribution cabinet type: in the home cabinet, ring network cabinet, no high voltage (low)

7. Grid type: high voltage and network (20KV or 10KV) low voltage and network (380V)


Photovoltaic power station earnings and electricity

The overall investment and construction of the roof power station, the project approval to the follow-up operation and maintenance are undertaken by the Company and the whole implementation, the roof owners only need to provide roof, with the power distribution room can be connected to the network, without affecting the normal operation of the enterprise , Can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Use of roof from the power generation, you can enjoy the electricity price of 85% discount, energy-saving period of up to 25 years.

2. Roof distributed power plant project can be included in the owners of energy-saving indicators, while the peak summer electricity, will give priority to protect the power supply.

The revenue formula is as follows:


S-derived self-use electricity, Unit: RMB (RMB)

P-saving unit price, unit: yuan / KWh. Project energy-saving unit price for the photovoltaic power generation system corresponding to the first party to use the electricity price, in case of national price adjustment, the corresponding adjustment.

Q-saving energy, unit: KWh. Energy saving means that Party A uses the electricity generated by Party B, and the power metering device is provided and installed by the power supply department.

Example: an enterprise roof effective area of 12,000 square meters, the annual generating capacity of about 110 million degrees, the proceeds are as follows:

Annual income: 0.95 (day price) * 110 million degrees (annual power generation) * 0.15 (discount price) = 156750 RMB

25 years income: 156750 RMB * 25 = 3918750 RMB