Equipped with intelligent special drones to help with the exploration of photovoltaic power stations

Addtime:2017-06-15 Read

A few days ago, our plant workers in the factory for the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight test and the survey of roof plant commissioning work, it is understood that the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can effectively replace complex artificial climb up the roof of the investigation and measurement, the author witnessed the survey of this plant, impressed by the advanced intelligent technology.

Site, the power station development department staff through a holding a large screen, remote control to manipulate a white with a high-definition camera unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), hover over the enterprise, to survey roof plant. At this point, the screen and the connection on the remote control computer can quickly get the three-dimensional model of the roof, precision up to centimeter level, and can be directly output CAD drawings, convenient for later engineering design. The plan eliminates the complexity of traditional manual climbing, and the safety and efficiency of the flyover. According to power station staff, the response of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), with an integrated optical camera, in addition to real-time reconnaissance roof environment, also can rapid transfer to mobile phones, in order to real time record in the area of environmental conditions.

"Use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) not only makes up for the personnel problem effectively, and can also be convenient for surveyors do not see, can't touch place to conduct a comprehensive vision close observation." Our plant development center, deputy director of zhai Sun Hua introduction, with this pair of eye "power station", surveyors are not under constraint conditions such as time, space, and terrain, rapid positioning survey, survey scope in time, effectively avoid the interference of field environment and human factors, fast and efficient to solve the roof survey work, to increase the efficiency of the survey.