The company's products are filed through the enterprise product execution standard

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In the economic globalization today, the "standard" to the world, the role of the standard is not only the basis of enterprise production, but the enterprise create a "vanguard" of the market and occupy the market. Standardization is an important means of enterprise organization modernization production and scientific management, which plays an important role in enhancing the competitiveness of enterprise market. Product "standards" is the need of production and operation of an enterprise, to do a good job of technical supervision, our company will be high refractive index, reflectivity, curvature, ultra-thin polycrystalline solar cells the four products enterprise product standards filing for the record, and through the acceptance in the near future.

The four product implementation standards were released on 21 February 2014 and were officially implemented on 3 March 2014. The implementation of the standard ensures the quality of the company's products and guarantees the company's development.