We attend "charm communication and happiness executive" management training class

Addtime:2017-06-15 Read

At 8 a.m. on March 19, we attended the "charm communication and happiness executive" training seminar organized by the construction peak management training. The training on teachers in Taiwan marketing management expert Tian Fangyu Sir, the main content of the training around cultivating positive communication attitude, enhance mutual trust between staff, master efficient communication channels, understanding the objectivity of communication conflict, and promote the execution of the five content for management personnel of all levels.

Through this training let everyone to the enterprise management structure and management practice, a new understanding of executive power, but also on how to improve enterprise's executive ability, the reason of poor execution, execution measure, the basic connotation of communication have further understanding, further study of the various forms of communication and communication steps, techniques, through effective use of body language such as raising the quality of communication, and to improve the communication with the supervisor's quality, to improve the communication with subordinates methods, properly handle the internal relationship of system had the new cognition, let everybody have benefited a lot from.

We attend training Liu Yide deputy manager, said the training will actively work in the department to carry out the training to share after the meeting, on the one hand, to further consolidate knowledge training, to digest the training content, on the other hand also is more advantageous to the team overall progress.