The company is green and vigorous

Addtime:2017-06-15 Read

Recently, our office area added a lot of green plants, added a lot of green meaning to the office area, added a lot of vigor and vitality.

In the face of these "gifts" of nature, the colleagues is very happy, have said, "with these green plants, also have moments at work", "green plants to the awaken of spring is abundant, office and workshop work in such an environment, the mood is very easily cheerful", it is understood that the configuration of this batch of green plants mainly put in the workshop area and the corridor inside and outside the office. In addition, employees don't have to worry about the growth of these plants, and they will be cared for regularly by professionals, which saves workers' worries.

Green plants can not only purify the air through photosynthesis, but also improve the working environment. We can also enrich our staff's spare time and improve the efficiency of our office, which is also an important manifestation of our positive practice of low carbon living.



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