The New Year will be held in 2016

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God monkey's words, the golden phoenix to the spring! Farewell to the unforgettable 2016, and usher in a new 2017.

On January 14, 2017, zhejiang guanglong energy technology co., LTD. Will be held in the canteen.

The conference opened in the wonderful and true New Year's words of our host. Company general manager Mr Zhu Jinhao subsequent to 2016 light long energy technology co., LTD., zhejiang province development made a comprehensive summary of objectivity and justice, and put forward the company's future development in 2017, to the company's 2016 annual meeting outstanding grass-roots management, excellent staff, the recognition and praise.

In this year's meeting, the energy staff of guang lung created a rich variety of art shows, and the excitement of the lottery was the climax of the evening. "The love family", led by the production department to the chorus, expresses the good wishes of the energy workers of the company to the company's future. Mr. Yang huaxing, the executive manager of the ministry of affairs, gave a song called "where are you going?" The dance of the female compatriot of quality, "the falling flower", the graceful dance moves that intoxicated everyone; During the program, the interactive q&a games are full of excitement and excitement. The four lottery winners' 49 awards brought the atmosphere to the climax of the annual meeting, with the ultimate prize, the iphone 6s, in the hands of the plant's development staff. All the staff at the New Year dinner will celebrate the New Year with a toast to the future.

The convention in the atmosphere of harmony and warmth, passion, joy in a complete, showing the light long energy employees full of vitality, positive, unity and enterprising spirit. Looking back at 2016, we will work together to achieve common results. Looking ahead to 2017, we are in the same mood and confident, and we are looking forward to the brighter future of the energy future.


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