Conduct fire emergency drill and improve the enterprise's ability to handle emergencies

Addtime:2017-06-15 Read

In order to further strengthen emergency management, strengthening emergency drills, and inspection departments coordination ability, improve the ability of company to dispose of incident, on July 11, my company organized fire emergency drills.

At 12:00 noon, the security committee of our company held a pre-exercise meeting in the conference room and read the exercise plan. The drill was designed to simulate the scene of an emergency, and the responer immediately developed an emergency response plan. The exercises mainly include the disposal of the evacuation, scene processing and follow-up site monitoring. The whole exercise was in an orderly and orderly manner, and the various departments actively cooperated with the formation of a rapid and effective emergency response mechanism, and achieved a complete success.

The exercise is not only to enhance the staff's fire consciousness, improve the staff's ability to respond to emergencies, fire emergency command system and enhance the company organization, coordination and cooperation ability. In the future the company will regularly organize emergency rescue personnel and employees learn of emergency response plans, carry out emergency exercises, to further improve enterprise's ability of the disposal of emergency.