Heat fight heat, complete roof component check!

Addtime:2017-06-15 Read

Since this week, the temperature has stayed high, scorching the earth. My company personnel as one, work together, under the high temperature weather was carried out by an uphill battle, has stood the test of high temperature, and to create numerous "fight high temperature, a pipe heat, complete roof components with good quality acceptance task" moving chapters.

At 1:00 PM on July 25, the quality control group of our company came to the roof of the colored steel tile to carry out the inspection. At that time, the highest temperature up to 39 ℃, internal control group a female employee without hesitation took off his shoes, barefoot, landing on a caigang watts, feet like a volcano, the spirit is quite commendable!

In the face of the test, the company internal control group carries forward the spirit of, sweating, stick to the roof components acceptance of the work, with amazing perseverance and strong will to stand up to the test, fighting at the scene of the roof components. After three hours of outdoor hot work, a total of 1248 roof components were completed. In the face of the challenge, no one has been stuck in the heat.

Their work spirit let internal operations staff also cherish the work environment more, constantly self-compression, in the ordinary post, work conscientiously, even if the bad environment, also does not have any slack in his work, completes the work quality, promote the company each work methodically.